Who is Hunter Energy?
The electricity markets in Australia and globally are facing the challenges of a transition from traditional generation to increasing amounts of more intermittent forms of generation such as solar and wind.

During this transition supply security becomes increasingly important.
Hunter Energy has been formed by a group of experienced and successful energy industry executives and entrepreneurs to build an energy supply portfolio that can support this transition.

Hunter Energy will look at acquiring existing generation assets particularly those that can meet the requirements for supporting the security of supply and with a focus on using fuel sources that provide a secondary benefit of using waste or non reusable products such as:

          Coal tailings that would otherwise be dumped
          Waste mine gases
         Waste wood products

         Refuse waste

Hunter Energy will then integrate renewable energy such as grid solar and dispatchable technology such as grid batteries into its portfolio as the electricity transition continues.

Hunter Energy has acquired the existing Redbank Power station, currently in care and maintenance mode, as its first project.

Energy in Transition
Hunter Energy is developing a model at the heart the energy transition from coal, to a reduced emission environment whilst maintaining the system reliability needed.

Initially the Redbank plant will be refired and recommissioned in its existing form but with the goal of less emissions. Where practical we will use mine waste tailings that reduce the environmental impacts of dumping mine waste whilst always managing and reducing, where possible, Carbon emissions.

Following restart Hunter Energy will complete a feasibility study on the integration of biomass by introducing waste wood products into the fuel mix. This is predicted to reduce the emission intensity of the plant whilst solving a waste issue.

The Redbank site has a valuable pre-existing grid connection and switchyard which allows integration of new sources of electricity including from solar. Scoping studies have already been undertaken for a grid scale solar plant situated on the adjoining used coal mine lands.

With the pre-existing grid connection and its location among other key generation assets this site is also well situated for the installation of a grid scale storage battery, potentially NSW’s first. Providing stability to the proposed solar plant and supplying grid services to the market.

Redbank is Ideally Located

Redbank Power station is located at the southern end of Hunter Valley coal mining region

Major NSW coal fired power stations are located to the north west and south west

Liddell is scheduled for closure in 2022

The site is adjacent to the Hunter River, The Golden Highway and Rail

Located 2.5 hours from Sydney